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Photo Album

2018 Legion of Honor Members (over 25 yrs of service)

L to R Morris Deul, Tom Henschen, Fred Bormann, Darold Jones, Rich Baker, Ernie Adams & Chuck Armstrong.

2017 Scholarship Winners

2016-2017 Board

2015-2016 Year in Review

Click here for Youtube video of Year in Review

Huck Finn Day

Golf Outing

Mike Casey of Homes of Manitou Springs and Paul Ferrante had a blast golfing at the Kiwanis Club of Manitou Springs fundraiser!

2016 Scholarship Recipients

2016 St Pat's Volunteer Award Winners

L-R Steve Ekerholm, Good Sport Award; Craig Carnick, Best Horseradish; Tom Henschen, Best Ticket Sales; Rich Baker, Best Procurement

2016 Easter Egg Hunt, in the snow!

2016 St Pat's Dinner

2015 Holiday Party at Miramont Castle

L-R  Front row: Fred Borrman, Larry Wellman, Bill Stewart, Dave Valier
2nd row: Darold Jones, Ernie Adams, Rich Baker, Morris Duel, Joel Grotzinger, Chuck Armstrong, Jan Altman, Ron Altman
3rd row: Steve Sinn, George Whitt, Steve Ekerholm, Jay Pretzer, Gary Smith, Garry Garretson, Bill Gartner, Craig Carnick
4th row: Ron Lancaster, Dan Stuart

2015 Scholarship Recipients

2014 Breakfast with Santa

2014 Key Club Convention

2013 Huck Finn Day

2013 Scholarship Winners