Manitou Springs Kiwanis Foundation - Scholarships

The Manitou Springs Kiwanis Foundation

The Manitou Springs Kiwanis Foundation is a 501c3 that annually provides college scholarships to graduating Manitou Springs High School seniors.  Funds are raised by hosting an annual golf tournament.

The Manitou Springs Kiwanis Foundation was incorporated in 1959 but the actual organization had its beginnings almost a decade earlier with the founders creating a fund for the purpose of granting scholarships to Manitou Springs High School graduates.

The founders were Wilson Bundy (Superintendent of Manitou schools) and A.O. Maltby (a Manitou engineer).  These two men endowed the fund with enough money to grant the first $250.00 scholarships.  By 1959 the program had grown large enough to incorporate where the funds were placed in an endowed investment fund.  By policy the principal must remain invested and scholarships are paid from the return on investments.

During the past 61 years the Foundation and its predecessor have granted scolarships to more than 660 Manitou Springs High School graduates. Since 1960 the scholarship award total is more than $660,000.  Today the typical scholarship is a one year grant of $2,000.

The Foundation’s purpose is to maintain an endowment in perpetuity and use the earnings to grant college scholarships to Manitou Springs High School graduating seniors.  A preference, by request of the founders, is given to students who plan on attending in-state schools.  However, applicants planning to attend out-of-state institutions do receive grants as well.

The Foundation is governed by five elected members from the Kiwanis Club of Manitou Springs (which is the parent organization of the Foundation).

For application information contact the counseling office at the high school.